Three Sisters Apothecary Haircare

Handcrafted in small batches, Three Sisters Apothecary Haircare is made naturally to gently cleanse and hydrate in unique formulas that deliver complete care for all hair types. Choosing solid hair care does require a transition period, and hair will behave differently during the ‘detoxifying’ process when accumulated synthetics are being removed. Three Sisters Apothecary Shampoo Bars are a true soap that cleans hair differently by gently cleansing and hydrating with a fluffy, super-rich lather.

Hair Basics
Step 1

We can help you select the shampoo and conditioner best suited for your hair type. First, let’s find out a bit more about you and your hair and its unique properties.

Hair Treatment
Step 2

Knowing how you wash your hair, as well as your environment will help us fine tune your haircare selection. Select below any factors that apply to your hair environment.